Opened the front door this morning to let the dog out to pee. He took a look at the wall of snow taller than him (note: he's 78lbs), turned around, ran back up the stairs, and hid in the closet. In the brief time the door was open, about half a shovelful of snow blew in onto my floor, which I then dumped in the…

I just had a dream that Justin Bieber was a patient in my community ER. Having right-sided chest wall pain. He was in the main treatment area with beds only separated by curtains and did not act a raging punk. There were no tween riots. No drunks puked on him.

Please get your flu shots, people. I have seen approximately ten zillion whiny people with headache, sore throat, cough, belly pain, and achiness in the last week. I'm exhausted. Think of your poor beleaguered ER doc and get your shot next year.